Anguilla anticipating a week of boat racing | THE DAILY HERALD

Start of a boat race from Sandy Ground.

ANGUILLA–The height of Anguilla’s boat racing season will start on Sunday and continue until next Sunday, August 11. The first race, called the “warm-up” race, is scheduled for Sunday, August 4. This will be followed by the August Monday races on August 5. There are eleven Class A and eleven Class B boats expected to compete this year.

The boat races will start and finish at Sandy Ground on Sunday and on August Monday.

On Tuesday the Class A boat race will start at Sandy Ground and finish at Island Harbour. This race is sponsored by Oris Smith and Island Harbour businesses.

Blowing Point is set for a big party on Wednesday, as the boats leave from Sandy Ground and finish at Blowing Point that day. The race is sponsored by Curtis Richardson and the local community.

The Thursday action will be at Meads Bay and will include both boat classes. There will be music, food and other activities on the beach. Sponsorship is by the Anguilla Tourist Board and the West End community.

The Champion-of-Champions race will be on Sunday, August 11. This brings the Summer Festival to a close. The races will start and finish at Sandy Ground and the Social Security Board is the sponsor.

Anguilla’s government has also donated to the boat racing committee to be distributed as needed.

Prizes for the races start at US $1,500 for the winner of the Class A boats, with $1,200 for Class B. The top-five places will each receive a monetary prize, decreasing by $100 for each position behind first.

The top-five from each race are also eligible to sail in the Champions race on the final Sunday.

Source: The Daily Herald