Anguilla Community College welcomes its new President

Signing of agreement for new President Karl Dawson and Rodney Rey.

 ANGUILLA–Dr. Karl Dawson was introduced and welcomed as the second president of Anguilla Community College (ACC) by Rodney Rey, Chairman of ACC during the official contract-signing ceremony held on August 9, at the ACC campus. Dr. Dawson replaces Professor Delroy Louden, whose contract expired in December 2016. In his opening remarks, Rey acknowledged and gave special thanks to Dr. Leroy Hill for his superb assumption of acting President responsibilities during the school’s eight-month period without a president.

Rey stressed that the selection process for a new president was transparent, open and extremely competitive. At the end of the process, there was unanimous agreement that Dawson’s extensive and top notch education and experience qualifications made him the right person for the position. Additionally, hailing from the British Virgin Islands, he has strong ties to the region and Anguilla.


 Rey went on to state that a few of the operational priorities and challenges facing Dawson will be the construction of the new campus, raising the profile of ACC, stressing the importance and need for life-long learning, transitioning the sixth form to ACC, creating a better balance of funding sources, and addressing the current student population gender imbalance. He wished him all the best and stated that ACC would work to support him in every aspect

 Dawson took a few minutes to thank the board for their support, and stated that he and his wife, Janice, feel very much at home, as he has ancestral ties to Anguilla. He pledged his support to ACC and its board, and stated that one of his core beliefs is that higher education is one single educational place with the sharing of resources. He acknowledged that the challenges are great, and working together is key to best ensure the success of ACC, and he pledged to do that.

Source: The Daily Herald