Anguilla Ferry Terminal across from PJIA re-opens for travellers | THE DAILY HERALD

The approach to the Anguilla Ferry Terminal in St. Maarten.

The pier at the Anguilla St. Maarten Ferry Terminal.


ANGUILLA–On Monday, July 16, the Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB) announced that the ferry terminal for persons travelling to Anguilla opened in St. Maarten. It is located directly across from the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA). It is good news for travellers to and from Anguilla as it provides a fast link to the island.

The ATB is reminding passengers using this facility that a Passenger Levy of US $5 is charged to each guest that departs from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal destined for the Anguilla terminal in St. Maarten.

The ATB is expressing thanks to the Ministry of Tourism, charter boat owners, the government of St. Maarten and other Dutch authorities for the diligence, cooperation, time and energy dedicated to getting the facility ready for operation. The ATB is also thanking private sector partners for their patience and understanding as both the Dutch and Anguillian authorities worked to re-open the Anguilla St. Maarten Ferry Terminal.

Source: The Daily Herald