Anguilla government bans all boats from Anguilla waters | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA—A release from the Governor Tim Foy and Premier Victor Banks says that the greatest risk to Anguilla at this time is if someone infected with the COVID-19 virus reaches Anguilla through an illegal boat landing.  The Executive Council on April 8 has therefore introduced a regulation under the Emergency Powers prohibiting the use of any boat in Anguilla’s waters, other than those specifically exempted. This prohibition came into force on 00.01 of April 8 and continues until 00.01 on April 21.

  During the past week patrols have been monitoring Anguilla’s waters and turned back several boats. The release states, “Stopping those intent on smuggling people into Anguilla means intercepting and questioning every boat at sea, including those engaged in lawful activity. This stretches our resources and makes it easier for those intent on breaking the law to slip through.  The general public remains the nation’s best eyes. We ask you to be vigilant and to immediately report to the authorities any boat movements so that action can be taken promptly.”

  The ports remain closed for the movement of all passengers until April 21. However, the ports remain fully open for goods traffic and the supply lines from the US and the region remain uninterrupted. Persons are again being asked not to hoard.

  There have been three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Anguilla. Samples taken from all other suspected cases have returned negative and no test results are currently outstanding.

Source: The Daily Herald