Anguilla government combines room tax with marketing levy   | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA–The government has announced that the Accommodation Tax and the Tourism Marketing Levy have been consolidated into a single tax that will become effective on May 1.

Comptroller Kiel Connor said, “The consolidation of these two tax measures into a single tax by virtue of the repeal of the Tourism Marketing Levy and the adjustment in the tax rate for Accommodation Tax from 10 per cent to 12 per cent, will improve efficiency and compliance as well as bring savings for owners/operators of properties on the island. The Accommodation Tax applies to guest accommodations – lodging provided for a consideration [payment – Ed.] in a hotel, resort, villa, guesthouse, lodging house, bed and breakfast or other similar establishment as set out in the Accommodation Tax Act.” The consolidation follows discussions with several key stakeholders in the hotel sector.

Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB) Chairperson Donna Banks is pleased with the repeal of the Tourism Marketing Levy, noting that neither hotel operators nor guests will be required to pay the marketing levy as of May 1. She said the ATB continues to support the private sector and public service partners in their efforts to streamline the processes and developments towards maintaining a Beyond Extraordinary Anguilla Experience.

Owners and operators of guest accommodations are advised that the taxable rate for all accommodations used by guests staying prior to May 1 will remain at 10 per cent. All accommodations used by guests staying on or after May 1 will be taxable at the new rate of 12 per cent. All accommodations used by guests staying up until April 30 will be subject to the Tourism Marketing Levy as well.

Source: The Daily Herald