Anguilla govt., Canadian company sign MOU for airport development | THE DAILY HERALD

Group at the signing, from left: Simon Angoy, Richard Jones, Luc Allary, Victor Banks, Curtis Richardson, Nick van den Brul, Marcel Fahie and Timothy Hodge.

 ANGUILLA–The signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Canada has brought the expansion of the Clayton J. Lloyd Airport a little closer.

Chief Minister Victor Banks welcomed the Anguilla listening audience and media on Tuesday afternoon, October 23, to the signing ceremony with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), an agency of the Canadian government involved in development support for territories such as Anguilla, around the world. The MOU was signed by both Banks and Luc Allary, the principal from the CCC involved in the process to expand Anguilla’s airport. It was witnessed by Minister Curtis Richardson and Richard Jones of JV Driver.

Banks said, “The process for the delivery of the airport expansion requires that we get a number of entrustments approved from the United Kingdom government to make sure that we meet their requirements in terms of a contingent of liabilities for a large project such as this. The UK government must be confident and feel secure in what we are agreeing to.” He added that the CCC is a company that guarantees the delivery of projects and ensures that standards are met on time. Also present were consultants from CFAS Ltd who will be advising the Anguillian government as well as Marcel Fahie, Chairman of the Anguilla Air and Seaport Authority and Timothy Hodge, Director of the Anguilla Social Security Board as well as a number of government ministers.

Allary thanked everyone present and said, “On behalf of CCC and the Canadian government, I am very glad and happy to be here today to sign this MOU. This is a very important step forward. We have been collaborating for some time now with the authorities in Anguilla and we are glad to be involved in the support of this very important and critical project. We have been around for over 70 years and have done projects all over the world and have a lot of experience in projects such as this.”

Allary continued, “We understand the process that the government has to go through here in terms of development and we hope to get there as soon as we can in the most cost-efficient way so that everyone can benefit from this new infrastructure that will service the development of the country. This is another example of how the Canadian government can assist Anguilla in its development efforts.”

Source: The Daily Herald