Anguilla hoteliers assist with airport refresh effort | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Cardigan Connor, Steve Watson and Alvin Nazairo (Four Seasons), Shomari Kentish (Airport Facilities Manager) Jeff Goldstein (Zemi Beach Resort) and at the back Jabari Harrigan (Airport Operations Manager) and Seymour Hodge.

ANGUILLA–Owners and key management staff from some of Anguilla’s hotel properties, accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary of Tourism Cardigan Connor and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Larry Franklin, were taken on a comprehensive tour of the airport facilities on Wednesday, June 13. Led by Clayton Lloyd International Airport Operations Manager Jabari Harrigan and Facilities Manager Shomari Kentish, the tour focused on the exterior and interior cosmetic-type damage resulting from Hurricane Irma, not yet repaired due to funding issues.

The hotel management of the five-star properties were interested collectively in assessing areas where they could contribute to a “beautification” effort to assist with the restoration of the airport’s appearance and comfort. Some of the areas discussed as possible upgrade projects during the tour included signage replacement/upgrading, exterior and interior paint refurbishment, possible door replacement as well as investigating the possibility of increasing the efficiency of the existing air-conditioning system.

This effort would be a continuation of the hotels’ involvement to assist with the island’s “first-impression” welcoming and professional appearance of its entry ports. They previously assisted in the beautification efforts of the Blowing Point port passenger terminal.

As the government continues to restore the airport to pre-Irma capability and capacity as well as explore avenues to increase airlift through-put into Anguilla, the interest and assistance rendered by the hotelier stakeholders are valued.

Four hotels are involved in the work including Four Seasons, Zemi Beach Resort, Malliouhana and Belmond Cap Juluca. They plan to start painting and upgrading to improve the total area.

Source: The Daily Herald