Anguilla House of Assembly passes two bills and motion | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA–At the meeting of the House of Assembly on Tuesday, July 10, the members passed two bills and a motion and questions from the Leader of the Opposition Palmavon Webster were answered.

In answer to the first question concerning the salary of the Public Relations Officer and Ministerial Assistants, Chief Minister Victor Banks announced that both salaries are EC $9,000 per month. In regard to the question on the 60 million pounds sterling from the UK government for hurricane repairs, Banks said the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had approved 10 million pounds for six projects currently starting. He said Lord Ahmad had played a pivotal role in the allocations and there would be continued communication with him on future payments. He said work on the House of Assembly repairs should be completed by August this year and the re-building of Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School would start in January 2019.

Minister of Home Affairs Cora Richardson-Hodge answered Webster’s third question about the shift system in the school, noting that the Comprehensive School rebuilding in The Quarter was expected to be completed by July 2020 and until then the shift system in the school would continue. She pointed out that parents could apply to the Ministry of Social Development for assistance in paying for textbooks.

The motion for a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank for US $5,600,000 was passed by the members of the House. The Insurance (Amendment) Bill and the Higher Education Licensing Bill had their second and third readings and were also passed.

The House of Assembly is due to meet next on July 24.

Source: The Daily Herald