Anguilla launches 50th Anniversary Magazine

Chief Minister Victor Banks at the launch of the 50th Anniversary Magazine.

ANGUILLA–“This magazine is a must-have for all patriotic Anguillians and friends of Anguilla; indeed for all persons who are moved by the struggles of oppressed people the world over,” said Chief Minister Victor Banks. He was speaking at the launch of the island’s 50th Anniversary magazine held on Wednesday, July 26, at the General Post Office.

  The magazine contains 150 pages of articles about Anguilla that is mainly in colour on glossy paper and is dedicated to “all the heroes and heroines of the 1967 Revolution in celebration, acknowledgement and gratitude for their depth of courage, unwavering commitment and undying patriotism in the battle for Anguilla’s progress and freedom.”

  There are several messages at the beginning from the Governor, Chief Minister, Deputy Governor and others. The magazine is divided into five sections – Physical Infrastructure Health and the Environment; Social Demographics, Education and Religion; Media and Communication; Culture, Recreation and Tourism; and Honourees and other Reflections. It is interspersed with newspaper cuttings from 1967 and has lots of photographs.

  Sanford Richardson chaired the committee responsible for producing the magazine. He was ably assisted by Sandra York-Gumbs, Seymour Hodge, Shellecia Brooks-Johnson and Joan Richardson. Sanford said it was an overwhelming task, but appreciated the cooperation of a number of people who wrote articles for it.

Audience at the launch with Sanford Richardson at the podium.

  The Chief Minister said while remembering the heroes and heroines, it is important to remember the unsung heroes such as the teachers, nurses, public servants, farmers and ordinary workers who stayed in Anguilla and gave service to the cause of a stable community.

  “The magazine through its many articles, archival documents and photographic images, captures the progression from a state of poverty, neglect and oppression through to this period of self-determination, relative prosperity and hope,” said Banks. He said this jubilee year promises to be a watershed year for Anguilla, since the challenges of the global recession in 2008. He spoke of the sale of Cap Juluca, the Altamer Marina project and Conch Bay Resort, as well as the ongoing efforts to stabilise the indigenous banking sector. He congratulated the magazine committee and all who contributed to it.

  Other speakers at the launch included Minister of Home Affairs Cora Richardson-Hodge, Permanent Secretary Chanelle Petty-Barrett, who read some quotes from the magazine, and Acting Permanent Secretary Ken Hodge, who gave the vote of thanks.  Dumpa Martin and Marlene provided musical entertainment on the steel pans.

Source: The Daily Herald