Anguilla participating in JMC virtual meetings | THE DAILY HERALD

Prime Minister Webster and Governor Foy

 ANGUILLA–British Overseas Territories’ leaders are due to meet virtually for the Joint Ministerial Council meetings that started yesterday, November 23, and will continue for four days. It will be hosted by United Kingdom (UK) Minister responsible for Overseas Territories, Baroness Sugg. Premier Ellis Lorenzo Webster will be leading a team that includes Permanent Secretary for Finance Kathleen Rogers, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for tourism and economic development Quincia Gumbs-Marie, and Dorothea Hodge, Anguilla’s representative in the UK. The meetings, which provide a forum for the exchange of views on political and constitutional issues between the governments of the Overseas Territories and the UK government, are usually held in London, but will be virtual this year due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

  Monday’s meeting included a discussion about COVID-19 and border security challenges. Other topics during the week include economic resilience for small island economies against COVID-19 and other economic shocks; European exit and its impacts, including funding, market access and mobility; and issues concerning free trade agreements and international trade. Also included will be protecting the vulnerable, specifically on mental health, domestic abuse and children; environmental protection and funding through the UK’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; and COP26 opportunities and engagement in the United Nations Climate Change Conference being hosted next year in the UK.

Source: The Daily Herald