Anguilla planning to ban single use plastic items | THE DAILY HERALD


ANGUILLA–Steps are being taken in Anguilla to start the process to ban single use plastic items. The government has formed a working group that will guide the development of a national plan of action and implement the process. The prohibition will include single use plastic shopping bags, single use plastic utensils, and polystyrene foam containers.

The working group includes a team of government agencies and statutory bodies and is chaired by the Director of Environment Andre Samuel. According to the working group, “the phasing out of single use bags and plastics is a deliberate action to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is generated on the island and a step in the right direction for Anguilla’s Waste Management.” The plans will include the drafting of legislation for the prohibition.

It is noted that a single-use-plastic ban for Anguilla will alleviate pressure on the island’s solid waste management resources, its marine environment and overall cleanliness. The agreed date for the total phase-out of the importation and use of single use plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic single use utensils is March 2019.

Source: The Daily Herald