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~ Nov. 1 for hotels, resorts, villas ~

 ANGUILLA–The Ministry of Tourism announced that it is preparing for Phase Two of the reopening of the island, slated to start on November 1. A revised fee schedule has also been introduced to help offset the cost of re-entry protocols and procedures.

  For an individual traveller staying five days or less the fee is US $300 and for a couple $500. For a six-day to three-month stay the individual pays $400 and a couple $600. The fee covers two tests per person, surveillance and the cost associated with the additional public health presence.

  In this phase hotels and resorts, along with villas have been added to the approved and certified accommodation for visitors. There will be an opportunity for guests to access a variety of approved amenities, services and activities while they stay in place at the hotel or resort. The activities vary, but include water sports, select indoor and outdoor games, beach yoga and other activities implemented in accordance with the general COVID-19 protocols of social distancing, sanitising and hygiene practices.

  A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is required before travel to Anguilla and another test on arrival. If the guest is staying longer than 10 days then another test can be taken and the visitor will then be free to explore the island if the test is negative.

  Minister of Tourism Haydn Hughes said the hotels are very excited about the reopening and are developing protocols necessary. There have also been several training sessions for hotel staff. He said that if visitors arrive and test positive they will be quarantined. He noted that Anguilla is not joining in the Caribbean Community CARICOM bubble, as Anguilla is in a different position from most of the other islands with no cases, so the island has developed its own protocols.

  Hughes said that at the moment only air transport is approved, but the ports are being developed to enable ferries from the Anguilla Dock near Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, and the Blowing Point terminal, to be used.

Source: The Daily Herald