Anguilla Rotary Club installs new 2021-2022 board | THE DAILY HERALD

Anguilla Rotary 2021-2022 officers and directors with former President Shameica Hodge (second from right, front row), current President Jacqueline Ruan (first from right, front row) and Assistant Governor Seymour Hodge (far right, back row).

ANGUILLA–Rotary District 7020 Assistant Governor Seymour Hodge welcomed guests including Deputy Governor Perin Bradley and Opposition Leader Cora Richardson Hodge to the Anguilla Rotary Club’s annual change of board installation ceremony. Held on Saturday, July 3, at Villa Coyaba on the picturesque coastline of Lockrum, Rotarian members and guests mingled until the official ceremony proceeded in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere. The Anguilla Rotary Club was chartered in 1978 and is very proud of the fact that current District Assistant Governor Hodge is an Anguillian Rotarian.

  Outgoing President Shameica Hodge welcomed incoming 2021-2022 President Jacqueline Ruan and new board members Secretary Carolyn Richardson-Hodge, Treasurer Jasmine Connor and Sergeant at Arms Kareema Mathews. Hodge said she remembered beginning her term as president with excitement and a list of many projects that she wanted to accomplish. She said that despite the impacts and restrictions of coronavirus COVID 19, her fellow Rotarians stepped forward to assist her. She said, “They helped me every step of the way and every success achieved this year was due to the hard work of the Rotarians and the support of our partners. We ask for that continued support and are grateful for it.”

  Assistant Governor Hodge congratulated outgoing President Hodge for an exceptional and outstanding year. He said that the club’s achievements during the past year included the receipt of four awards that included a Certificate of Distinction Award, a Club of the Month Silver Award, a Partnership Award, and a North Star Membership Retention Award. He also applauded incoming President Ruan and her board on their commitment to lead the club in 2021-2022 by continuing to support “Service Before Self”.

  President Ruan said, “I will strive to do everything in my power to make it a better world for the people who are less fortunate than I have been graced with good fortune. I like to think that I can contribute something to everyone having a better life, especially the young people, the seniors, and those with special needs.” She said that the development of a day care centre for seniors and persons requiring assistance and the acquisition of a mobile portable medical machine to assist with safe child delivery are her two prime goals as she starts her year.

  Louis Weaver, District Governor 2021-2022 of Rotary District 7020 – which includes Anguilla, St. Barths, St. Maarten and St. Martin – in his written message, noted that the Rotary club’s theme this year is “Serve to Change Lives” and he urged the club to look around and see the possibilities of impactful projects that can be undertaken to change the lives of those in our communities. He also encouraged the club to find innovative and creative ways to increase membership.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. It is the circus of the white colonialist. And now they let non-white people participate, even become president, etc. But this does not change our opinion, that these kind of clubs for the rich are not what our people needs.
    Their only goal is to secure the status quo, and to prevent discontinuation of the discrimination based on color, birth, income, etc.