Anguilla Summer Festival officially opens with speeches and fireworks


ANGUILLA–The Summer Festival opened on the evening of August 2, at Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre with the theme, “Boat race, Pageantry and Culture Reign Supreme for Anguilla Summer Festival 2017.”  The opening was chaired by Lisa Rey, who is also the chair of the organising committee. She thanked all the participants, supporters, sponsors and volunteers, saying they worked long hours to ensure the success of the event. She said due to financial problems some of the shows have been outsourced, and thanked the Government of Anguilla for its support. She wished everyone a safe and happy Summer Festival.

  Minister of Social Development Evans McNeil Rogers welcomed back home returning visitors and families, as well as other visitors. He stressed that the Anguilla Summer Festival is unique in the region, as it includes boat racing, shows and parades. He thanked the many sponsors who made the event possible, while warning the public to drive carefully on the roads during the upcoming week and to abide by the law. “Please be on your best behaviour,” he admonished the people, while wishing everyone a very peaceful, joyful and incident-free Carnival 2017.

  Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison assured that all events will be policed, saying the aim is for everyone to have fun in a safe environment. He told the public not to travel with any weapons, and to make sure their homes are secured well. He said everyone should be vigilant and report anyone with a weapon of any kind. He reminded vendors to only use plastic cups for serving drinks, and not to serve under-18s with liquor. “If you are drinking, don’t drive and if you are driving, don’t drink,” he warned.


  Governor Christina Scott said Summer Festival showcases the best of everything in Anguilla including culture, sports and the sheer love of life. She urged people to bear with the police and security officers and to work with them. She wished everyone an incredibly happy and safe Carnival 2017.

  Calypso Monarchs Roxxy and Mr. Decent performed their recent releases.  Contestants for Miss Anguilla Pageant and Miss Talented Teen Show were introduced to the audience. The ribbon for the opening was cut by Minister Rogers and one of the Miss Tiny Tot contestants. Fireworks followed and then Sessions Band and Better Vibes provided music for the rest of the evening. 

Source: The Daily Herald