Anguillian scouts to UK expedition

Scout Group just before leaving Blowing Point for St. Maarten.


ANGUILLA–Twenty scouts and nine adults left Anguilla on Monday, July 17, for the United Kingdom where they will participate in the Caribbean/UK Scout Expedition. They were led by Commissioner of Scouts Sandra Fahie. They will be joined by scouts from St. Kitts, and together will participate in fourteen days of activities. These activities include visits to Rough Close Camp Site in Coventry, two days at Gilwell Park, where they will test their hiking and compass-reading skills, as they participate in a Treasure Hunt, and an overnight camp at Brownsea Island camp, where the founder of the Scouts Robert- Baden Powell created the first scout camp in 1907.

  They will also attend a reception hosted by the Queen’s representative in Warwickshire, participate in a community project and tour Stratford upon Avon and London. They will depart the UK for Anguilla on August 1.

  Scouts representing Anguilla had to meet a rigorous selection process to include participation in all required scouting activities, as well as exemplary behaviour throughout the year. While parents paid for the airfare, and the scouts worked tirelessly on fund-raising activities, this trip would not have been possible without contributions from the Department of Youth and Culture, as well as private donations.

     The Commissioner of Scouts remarked that all parents should encourage their children to participate in youth and civic organizations, as they gain experiences and learning opportunities not possible in the class room. This trip will be the first-ever travel opportunity for the majority of the twenty scouts participating in this expedition.

    The Anguilla Scouts will also host two summer camps: scouts from St. Kitts on July 21 to August 14, followed by scouts from the United States from August 5 to August 14.

  Minister of Social Development Evans McNiel Rogers, responsible for youth affairs, Bonnie Richardson-Lake, and the Director and staff of the Department of Youth and Culture  wished the Scouts of Anguilla continued success in the execution of their various projects designed to assist in youth empowerment and the development of Anguilla.

Source: The Daily Herald