Anguillian students hunt for clues on St. Eustatius

Anguilla students at the starting point in Fort Oranje.

Students read for clues on the Wilhelmina monument.


ST. EUSTATIUS–Undeterred by the burning sun, students from Anguilla’s Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive High School went on a scavenger hunt on St. Eustatius, organised by St. Eustatius Monuments Foundation (SEMF).

  Split into two groups – each taking a different route, but along the same sites and with the same questions and tasks ­– they hunted as low as the ruins of Lower Town and as high as the Jewish and Old Church cemeteries in Upper Town.

  The scavenger hunt was prepared by SEMF Director Walter Hellebrand at the request of the host of the group. Not only did the students have to answer questions about the places they passed – including questions that required interaction with local Statians – they also had to execute certain tasks from sketching to collecting conch shells.

  Students went from street to street even stopping and inquiring about items they needed to fill out the questionnaire and answers they were diligently seeking.

  On Fort Oranjestraat, Wilhelmina Park, Hill Head, Lower Town they were all over the historical Core searching for the much needed answers.

  They were accompanied by local students who served as support.

Source: The Daily Herald