Annual year end fireworks display

SABA–The public of Saba is invited to view a “spectacular” fireworks show when the skies over Hell’s Gate are lit up during the Annual End of Year Grand Fireworks Display.

  The pyrotechnic extravaganza will take place at Juancho Yrausquin Airport on Saturday, December 30, at 7:30pm, allowing for many good viewing points along the road through the village.

  This year’s fireworks display is sponsored by the Public Entity of Saba, telecommunications company Satel, Saba Roads and Just 4-YU Enterprises.

  The fireworks exhibit is held ahead of the New Year’s Eve festivities especially for the younger children of the island, who would usually be asleep during the New Year’s celebration, and for those who may be in church for the traditional end-of-year services.

  “The entire community is invited to come out and witness a thrilling end to 2017 with friends and family,” Saba Government Information Service said in a statement on Friday.

Source: The Daily Herald