Annual Young Ladies Chat proves inspiring

Young Ladies Chat attendees with Jade Reymond, Ronya Foy Connor, Shellecia Brooks and Shellya Webster in centre front.


ANGUILLA–Students from the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School Grades Three to Six, ages 13 to 16 years old, attended the FLOW Young Ladies Chat that is part of the Sixteen Days of Activism. It was under the theme “Black Girls Rock, Women who Make a Difference.” It was hosted by Menelva Romney, FLOW’s Retail Associate and the guest speakers were Shellecia Brooks of the Anguilla Community College and Shellya Webster, Corporate Affairs Manager at the Anguilla Tourist Board.

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  The topics discussed included “Women who roared and the lessons they taught us” and “The challenges and opportunities as black girls who rock.” Brooks and Webster engaged the girls in discussion and showed that even with challenges and obstacles anything is possible.

  Jade Reymond, Commercial Manager at FLOW, said the attendees left feeling motivated and loved. “That was the purpose. FLOW is pleased to be able to host this event. We look forward to doing this as often as we are presented with the opportunity.”

  Ronya Foy Connor said that the Gender Affairs Unit was excited to collaborate with FLOW. “The guest speakers were inspirational as they discussed their personal successes and challenges. They took the opportunity to show the young ladies that even though life will have setbacks, there is always a reason to keep striving toward greatness.”

Source: The Daily Herald