APANY President sends message for Anguilla Day | THE DAILY HERALD

File photo of children celebrating Anguilla Day in the island’s colours.

ANGUILLA–President of the Anguilla Progressive Association of New York (APANY), Carlson Connor sent a message to wish all Anguillians a Happy Anguilla Day as he remembered the Father of the Nation, Ronald Webster and all the brave men and women who worked for a better Anguilla.

He said that as he and the members reflect on the Anguilla Revolution, they remain motivated and involved with reaching out globally to Anguilla to provide charitable support for “goodwill projects” to benefit Anguilla’s social, economic and cultural development. Over the years the association has supported Anguilla in many ways with donations to schools, the hospital, sports associations and more. APANY, with a sister chapter in Florida, is a leader in non-profit philanthropy and is open to accept donations from organisations, individuals and supporters who want to support goodwill projects in Anguilla.

“As we celebrate 53 years of the Anguilla Revolution, we always reflect on the men and women that made so many sacrifices during one of the most difficult times in Anguilla history. The leaders of the Anguilla Revolution were proud, brave and strong as they stood firm for the citizens of Anguilla. We must continue to celebrate these brave citizens who fought for our freedom,” Connor said. “In battling the COVID-19 pandemic and the approaching 2020 hurricane season, APANY is committed to serve the people of Anguilla. It is our highest intention as Anguillians to continue to embrace the spirit of unity and to work towards building a stronger connectivity link with Anguillians and friends of Anguilla across the diaspora. Once again, Happy Anguilla Day and God bless Anguilla.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/apany-president-sends-message-for-anguilla-day