Appeals Court hands down verdicts in ‘Bromelia’ case

PHILIPSBURG–The Joint Court, on Thursday, handed down its verdicts in the so-called “Bromelia” case against four members in a criminal organisation involved in large-scale money-laundering operations between June, 2012 and December, 2013.
Main suspect Pershin I.S. Doram (33) was sentenced at the Court of First Instance to six years in November, 2014. The other three suspects received largely suspended prison sentences.
The Prosecutor’s Office had requested a 10-year sentence for Doram, who was held for a “mid-level chief” in the organisation involved with drugs, firearms and large-scale money-laundering operations, together with his brother Darrell K. Doram (25) and his partner in life Renicia Y. Arrindell (30).
Co-suspect Rechard René (29) was also called to the stand. He was sentenced to 48 months, eight of which were suspended on two years’ probation, on July 16, 2014.
Of these four, Pershin Doram is the only suspect who is currently detained.
All suspects had denied the charges and their lawyers had all pleaded for their clients’ full acquittal at the lesser court.
Also before the three Judges of the Appeals Court they upheld their innocence. They said the money had originated from legal business activities, such as woodworking, information technology businesses and a car rental agency.
The Appeals Court followed the Court of First Instance, which had found it proven that Pershin Doram had been in possession of a Glock model 36, .45 calibre pistol with three clips and 47 shells, and in possession of 1,130 grams of cocaine. He was also found guilty of laundering money and of membership in a criminal organisation, for which crimes he received six years.
Doram’s criminal network included Urvin Laurence Wawoe, who was sentenced on appeal to 40 months for possession of quantities of cocaine and marijuana and firearm possession in July. Doram’s brother, Darrell and his partner Arrindell, were both sentenced by the lesser court to 18 months, 15 of which were suspended, on two years’ probation, and 240 hours of community service, for money-laundering and membership in a criminal organisation.
During the appeal hearing, Solicitor-General Taco Stein called for convictions of all suspects and for the Court to uphold their verdicts. The Appeals Court followed the Solicitor-General’s recommendations in the cases of Arrindell and Darrell Doram.
René was acquitted of the firearm-possession charge, as the Appellate Court did not find it proven that he had been the one who had put three clips and 58 bullets in a car which was parked in front of Pershin Doram’s house. René was sentenced to 18 months, eight of which were suspended, on two years’ probation.

Source: The Daily Herald Appeals Court hands down verdicts in ‘Bromelia’ case