APS wants to purchase Southwest area of Mary’s Fancy Plantation

PHILIPSBURG–General Pension Fund St. Maarten APS appealed to Government on Wednesday, during a ground-breaking ceremony held at Mary’s Fancy Plantation, to allow it to purchase the Southwest section of the present Plantation.

APS Board Chairman Franklyn Richards said, “I humbly make the following urgent appeal to you, which by the way for your information was previously done by APS via a letter to the Ministry of [Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure – Ed.] VROMI dated July 2, 2015, in regard to the development of Mary’s Fancy Estate.

“Members of the Council of Ministers and Parliament, as Chair of the Board of APS, the area located at Southwest of the present APS property is part of the former plantation and should be acquired in ownership to secure future development in line with present rehabilitation plans of APS of the Mary’s Fancy Estate, and for further protection of the investments of APS.”

The section presently is being used for a car repair shop and bar, activities not supported by APS’ development vision. Richards’ appeal to Government is to institute and/or include in the present Zoning Plan, and other Government plans strict conditions for any future development in this area, particularly the location Southwest of APS’ Mary’s Fancy property, considering APS’ future development of Mary’s Fancy Estate.

“Special gratitude is also in place for the continued professionalism of APS management and staff, particularly George Willems, our adjunct director, and Kendra Arnell, our project leader, who have worked diligently and tirelessly in getting the project to this stage; past and present members of the Board and of the Investment Committee; as well as numerous other entities for their provided expertise,” Richards said.

“Preserving St. Maarten’s cultural heritage as we pave the way for the sustainable, safeguarding of the present and future pensions of our clients is the basic premise as to why APS acquired this estate called Mary’s Fancy in the first place. This premise is one which explains how we see our actions in reference to those we serve as part of our core responsibilities.”

Source: Daily Herald
APS wants to purchase Southwest area of Mary’s Fancy Plantation