Arlie Kerindongo celebrates 33 years within police force | THE DAILY HERALD

Police Major Arlie Kerindongo.

 ST. EUSTATIUS–Senior police major Arlie Kerindongo celebrated thirty three years of service with the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN in October. Right now, he also serves part-time checking the (illegal) status of foreigners in St. Eustatius.

Kerindongo said that he is a country boy from humble origins. “I had no family in the corps to ask no favours,” Kerindongo said.

Breaking down his many years of service with the police force since 1985, Kerindongo said he started out his career in the district of Punda in Willemstad, Curaçao, where he served for one year. He was then transferred for a year to Bonaire, after which he returned to Curaçao and served three years in the Banda Abau. After having served in Rio Canario for five years he returned to Banda Abau and was a helicopter tactical flight officer for one year.

In June 2004, he decided to look for a better future in St. Maarten, where he worked for three years. He also worked in Saba.

In November 2007, the St. Eustatius Police Department asked Kerindongo to assist his colleagues in Statia during the Statia Day Week of Activities. It was then that he met his current wife Merolien Penijn during the Statia Day week of activities. In August 2008, Kerindongo moved to Statia, where he has been employed at the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN until present.

Overall, Kerindongo mostly performed surveillance duties during his career. “I love to serve and protect,” he finished off by saying.

Source: The Daily Herald