Arrindell arrested in Squid investigation

PHILIPSBURG–Checkmate Security owner O’neal Arrindell was arrested on Wednesday morning in connection with the so-called Squid investigation. Prosecutor spokesperson Hazel Durand said he is a suspect in the investigation and no more information will be released at this time.

Member of Parliament (MP) Frans Richardson was arrested at his home on Wednesday, February 14 by the National Detectives as a suspect in the Emerald and Squid investigations. Richardson was released on February 23 but remains a suspect in both cases. Arrindell was also arrested on November 28, 2016 and later released from pre-trail detention, he also remained a suspect in the Emerald case.

The Squid investigation concerns an accusation of “vote buying” during the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. In the “Squid” and “Emerald” investigations a number of suspects and witnesses will be interrogated by the investigating team and examining judge. In the “Emerald” investigation several individual cases will be heard in court.

Arrindell is suspected of money laundering, forgery, tax fraud and illegal firearm possession in the yet to be concluded Emerald case, while the accusations in the Squid investigation are still to be announced by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: The Daily Herald