Aruba govt. steps down | THE DAILY HERALD

Aruba Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes.

ORANJESTAD–The government of Aruba Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes stepped down late Tuesday afternoon as a result of a criminal investigation of coalition party POR.

  “Today [Tuesday – Ed.], the Prosecutor’s Office published a press release in which it is stated that an investigation is taking place of the POR party, which is a suspect in the misplacement of funding. Integrity and good governance are an important point in the governing accord of the Wever-Croes cabinet, and a violation of this kind is considered to be very serious,” it was stated in an official release of the prime minister.

  Following the announcement by the Prosecutor’s Office, the government met to discuss the best response to a serious violation of integrity by members of the coalition. “An analysis of the seriousness of the accusation and the consequences thereof, has such a great impact that government decided to draw the most serious political conclusion, which is to submit the resignation of government and to dissolve the Parliament.” 

  Based on this, the Council of Ministers empowered the prime minister to submit the resignation of the prime minister and all other ministers. As a government that has resigned, the Wever-Croes cabinet will only handle current affairs until a new government is formed. A new election date will be announced shortly.

Source: The Daily Herald