Associations receive multi-annual subventions from the Collectivité | THE DAILY HERALD

At the convention signing in Hotel de la Collectivité for the three associations. (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT–President Daniel Gibbs signed multi-annual conventions recently for three associations as part of the Politique de Ville 2015-2020 programme in connection with social cohesion actions in the territory, in partnership with the State.

  In the presence of Third Vice-President Sofia Carti who replaced Annick Pétrus (now a Senator) in charge of social cohesion, Gibbs signed three multi-annual conventions of objectives with Associations Cobraced, Adie, and Trait d’Union France Victims, whose representatives were present.

  These conventions will enable the three associations to carry out structured actions for the territory in terms of mediation around schools; parenting assistance; school support; sporting, cultural, and recreational activities; giving aid to victims; or accompanying project leaders.

  Association Cobraced will receive 150,000 euros over three years, including 60,000 euros for a Library for All and 90,000 euros for the action ”Symbiosis” (accompanying hundreds of students struggling with school and their families, with a daily welcome of children ages 6-17 years during school and extracurricular periods of homework assistance, cultural workshops, sport, reading and art).

  Cobraced is committed to accompanying these children and their families, to a safe environment, to well-being of neighbourhoods and to creating social bonds.

   Association Trait d’Union France Victims is to receive 60,000 euros over three years to accompany individually anyone in need of legal assistance, counselling and guidance (aid to victims of criminal offences, domestic violence, maintaining a legal office in the two Maisons de Service au Publique (MSAPs), and aid to minors).

  Association Adie (Right to the Economic Initiative) will receive 105,000 euros over three years, to implement activities in the neighbourhoods and improve access to employment and training through actions of proximity, technical support and business creation assistance.

  Through this partnership, the Collectivité continues the actions initiated under the Politique de Ville and to provide support for inhabitants of priority areas who need it most.

  Gibbs and Carti welcomed the commitment of these three associations and the staff of the Collectivité who work daily to carry out these essential actions for cohesion and development of the territory.

Source: The Daily Herald