Atrium says it plans to reopen the resort in coming months | THE DAILY HERALD

SIMPSON BAY–Atrium Beach Resort and Spa says it is preparing to reopen its doors to visitors now that the country has resumed its commercial flights.

The resort closed its doors in April during lockdown and the first wave of COVID-19 infections. The doors have remained closed to visitors until recently. At the start of the week resort employees have been busy and have begun preparing and cleaning the facilities.

Vice President of Resort Operations Kevin Blocker said the pandemic has been particularly devastating to the hotel and travel industry.“We are very excited that St. Maarten has reopened to international travel. However, our occupancy forecasts are still very low through the end of this year. We are hopeful that business can reach a sustainable level in the coming months.”According to Blocker, the resort has been preparing for a post-COVID reality by obtaining the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectant foggers, transmission barriers and signage to do its part in minimising any danger to guests and staff.

“We want travellers to feel safe when they stay with us,” he said. “We have been able to finish some of our improvement projects that were started before the lockdown, such as new patio furniture, and renovating all of the guest bathrooms. We are anxious for our guests and owners to enjoy the new upgrades. We are also elated that the drainage project on Billy Folly Road was completed, since this impacted the Atrium in a significant way.”Blocker said the hotel has been able to continue to compensate all employees at their full salary level throughout the duration of this crisis. He said that while the hotel had hoped it would receive some relief from the government payroll support programme, that has unfortunately not been the case despite diligent efforts to apply as directed.“

Because of this financial reality, combined with significantly reduced occupancy projections, we have been forced to reduce staff by 20 per cent. This reduction, while not ideal, will allow us to preserve and protect the employment of the majority of our employees and provide the Atrium with the financial ability to reopen,” he said.

He further announced that Atrium has plans to reopen in the coming months. “We look forward to once again being able to serve our employees, our guests and the Simpson Bay community,” he concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald