Attempted robbery at Hublot Boutique

Hublot Boutique on Front Street.  

PHILIPSBURG–Police patrols were directed to an armed robbery in progress on Monday morning at 10:00am at Little Europe Hublot Jewelry on Front Street. Police reports indicate that there was a robbery attempt by three masked men who tried to enter the store with weapons. On the scene the investigating officers learnt that three masked men dressed in dark clothing, two of whom were carrying a sledge hammer and one with a gun had attempted to gain access into the establishment by smashing the glass door.

   After numerous failed attempts to destroy the glass door, the rolling shutter system was activated by the workers, denying the culprits access to the building. When the suspects realized that their attempt had failed, they immediately fled the scene and jumped into a vehicle parked nearby and drove off.

  Police made a complete search of the area but did not locate the vehicle of the suspects. Several vehicles were searched by police hoping to find these persons who were seen speeding off in the direction of Pointe Blanche.

  The Special Robbery Unit is investigating this case and is requesting anyone with information regarding this attempted robbery, to call the police department at 54-22222 ext 214 or 215 or the police tip line # 9300.


Source: Daily Herald
Attempted robbery at Hublot Boutique