Attempted robbery leaves security guard badly hurt

COLE BAY–Four masked men dressed in black tried to rob Carrefour Market in Cole Bay on Sunday close to 8:00pm.

An outside security guard noticed the four men on scooters approaching the store acting suspiciously. The Daily Herald understands that the group drove towards the guard and pointed their firearms at him while trying to make their way into the store. Another security guard noticed what was going on outside, closed the shutters of the store and locked the main door.

The men started to bang on the door and held the security guard at gunpoint threatening to shoot him if his co-worker did not open the door immediately. The guard inside the store already had alerted police and while he refused to open the door, the four men continuously struck the guard outside on the head with their guns, causing him to lose a lot of blood.

One of the men managed to destroy a camera on the outside of the building. The masked men jumped back on their scooters after their failed attempt and drove away before police were able to arrive at the store.

Police detectives were on the scene minutes afterward and called ambulance services to tend to the badly wounded security guard. Acting police spokesman Inspector Steven Carty was still gathering information concerning the attempted robbery on Sunday night and said he would give more details once they became available.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Do we know if the robbers lefft towards the French side? They have cameras on the border. Also Audi and the banks aroud Carefour have cameras they should have plenty of footage before and after the attempts. Good job by the security guards.

  2. Has anybody made an assesment if the island has enough police on duty at all times? Are we at right staffing level, less or too much? I would love to know