AUC donates funds to MHF mobile team | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Wellness Counsellor Rivera Miguel, MHF Executive Assistant Cyrille Brooks, Dr. Keith Evashevski and MHF Mobile Nurse Jessica Cannegieter on Monday.

CAY HILL–Dr. Keith Evashevski and Wellness Counsellor Rivera Miguel of the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) Medical School visited the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) mobile team on Monday. During the meeting AUC made a donation to MHF for its first response team in recognition of their continuous efforts in the community.

The possibility of providing crisis intervention training to safety and security supervisors at AUC was also discussed.

“The goal of this training will be to provide the security supervisors with the techniques used to offer short-term immediate help to individuals who have experienced an event that produces mental, physical, emotional and behavioural distress,” said MHF Executive Assistant Cyrille Brooks. “Crisis happens to everyone and intervention can take many forms; for example, family support tactics to professional counselling techniques.

“The primary aim is to help the individual cope in ways that reduce the negative psychological, physiological and behavioural effects of trauma on themselves and his or her environment.”

Source: The Daily Herald