Audit Chamber wants review of political finances removed | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The General Audit Chamber told Members of Parliament (MPs) it would like to see the law governing its functioning amended to remove the review of political parties’ financial statements. Registered parties submit those statements to the Electoral Council annually.

  Audit Chamber Secretary-General Joane Dovale-Meit told the Committee on Country Expenditures on Wednesday that the Audit Chamber’s view is that parties’ statements are those of a third party while the core task of the Audit Chamber is to review the public (government) finances. Therefore, looking at the books of parties is not within its scope of work.

  The chamber also wants an update to better the nomination and appointment process of its members. The current construct only allows for all board members to be replaced, not individual ones. Legal ways around this have been sought and employed, but the Audit Chamber would prefer its governing law changed for smoother workings.

  The Members of Parliament requested the Audit Chamber’s views on the World Bank procedures and whether there is a role for it. Dovale-Meit, who was in the legislature with Audit Chamber Chairman Roland Halman, said the Audit Chamber is looking to see how it can find a role for itself to review the results of the investment and recovery projects.

  The committee meeting was chaired by MP Sidharth Bijlani.

Source: The Daily Herald