Baker to focus on education and improved communication


PHILIPSBURG–Recently appointed Executive Director of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) Anastacio Baker, has some big plans for the organisation.

His plans include improving the chamber’s communication efforts and strategies with the business community. He also intends to organise more networking events for the business community and create an educational programme for business owners, which would equip them with the necessary tools needed to grow their business.

Baker, who succeeds Claret Connor as Executive Director, assumed his new post as of July 1. The position is for a duration of five years.


Asked why he decided to take on the challenge of being COCI’s Executive Director, Baker said: “Daily, we are all faced with opportunities. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don’t. This Executive Director function was just one of those opportunities that presented itself and with the experience I obtained in the function of a Manager at (Princess Juliana International Airport SXM), my educational background, exposure and expertise in the field of tourism, management of staff, being an entrepreneur and a board member of COCI, I am confident and prepared to take on the greater responsibility of taking COCI to the next level as the Executive Director.”

Baker says he brings to the table honesty, integrity, understanding and professionalism.

As Executive Director, he is responsible for the leadership and management of the Chamber according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. He is also responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organisation and ensuring that the operation meets the expectation of clients.

Asked about his management style he said: “While working at SXM Airport, I had the opportunity to work closely with three former managing directors. This allowed me to study their different management styles up close and link their success to their styles. As a result of this I have developed my own management style, namely: planning and result driven, problem-solving and decision-making, delegation and communication. These skills led me to open my first business “Da Party Bus” in 2007 and my second business “Baker’s Suites Boutique Hotel” in 2014.”

To the business community, he says “I promise to do my best in being your collective voice.”

Baker has a long history with the COCI. He was elected to the COCI Board of Directors in 2014. As a board member, he served as the Treasurer in 2015 and as the Vice-President in 2016. His outstanding performance as board member, earned him the President’s Award in 2015. In January 2017, he was re-elected as Vice President of the COCI Board and as of July 1, as the Executive Director.

Baker is the eldest son of Aruba born Venda and St. Maarten-born Antione “Popo” Baker. He attended the former

St. Peters Hillside School and Milton Peters College (MPC) MAVO and HAVO streams. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Aviation Maintenance Management, a Master’s Degree in Aviation Safety and a Master’s Degree in Aviation Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

The father of two (nine-year-old Valencio and seven-year-old Zelena), says he is a very driven and results oriented person. “I strongly believe in a balanced lifestyle; meaning: work very hard, but enjoy and laugh even harder.”

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. How about focusing on customer service and improving the functioning of the Chamber, ie what you are getting paid to do. It’s ridiculous that it takes weeks to register a company and days to get an extract. All of this should be automated, with robust reliable systems. You are tasked with keeping the registry, it would be nice if that were your focus.