Bankruptcy for InselAir denied

WILLEMSTAD–The Court of Justice in Curaçao denied a request for the bankruptcy of InselAir International. The Dutch Caribbean carrier was granted the same stay of payment as earlier in Aruba.

  The ruling is based on the airline’s expectation that it remains viable once certain measures can be taken.

  Creditors Goddard Catering Group Curaçao and Jet Power Aruba Aircraft & Transit Company had filed the petition. InselAir now has until June 9 to put its finances in order.

  On March 7 InselAir Aruba was granted a similar moratorium on that island, but until June 7. The 93 employees there are yet to receive their February salary.

  The MD(McDonnell Douglas)-planes grounded by order of Aruba’s Civil Aviation Authorities have still not been released. Only two Fokker aircraft are currently in use, but one MD-80 and another Fokker of InselAir Aruba will be transferred so they can be 

Source: The Daily Herald