Barge that lost cargo in capsize to be righted in coming days | THE DAILY HERALD

The upside-down barge being inspected after the capsize.

SIMPSON BAY–A barge laden with tons of gravel which overturned last week Tuesday while being towed to St. Barths from St. Croix, shedding all of its cargo to the bottom of the ocean, is expected to be rolled over either today Tuesday or Wednesday, salvage company Aquatic Solutions disclosed.

The barge, now located on the inside of Simpson Bay, encountered rough weather in the Anegada Passage during the trip and pounding from the waves on the hull caused a crack in one of the pontoons, combined with the sea conditions led to the cargo shifting completely to one side and the barge capsizing.

No value of the lost cargo on the 180ft long by 50ft wide barge was disclosed but it was thought to be a very expensive loss. The repair work to the crack has been completed by Aquatic Solutions. It was understood the barge will be towed back to St. Croix or the Dominican Republic for a complete repair in a dry dock.

Source: The Daily Herald