Bay of Marigot development project on track but modified


MARIGOT–President Daniel Gibbs explained at Thursday’s Territorial Council meeting that the Bay of Marigot development project needed to be “redefined” in technical and financial terms after no responses were received in 2016 on invitations to bid for the concession of the estimated 255-million-euro project.

The project is still on track, however, and everything that was completed before, studies etcetera, are largely valid.

“For greater flexibility and efficiency, revision of the development programme has been entrusted to a steering committee from the Port Authority,” Gibbs explained. “It’s not a question of giving up on this flagship project. To the contrary, it is to give new impetus to a project vital to our economy with a Collectivité-Port partnership.”
He asked that people stop referring to the project as a “waterfront” project since it involves the whole of Marigot.


“The work that this new majority has engaged in is on the whole of Marigot, named in our campaign manifesto as “Grand Marigot,” from Bellevue to Morne Valois. It includes the revitalisation of Marigot, renovating the marina, and restructuring the waterfront to accommodate cruise ships, yachting sector, and tourism infrastructure to develop our economy.

“It’s a project in three phases. But the priority is the cruise ship pier first, yachting infrastructure and expansion of Fort Louis Marina second. It’s an ambitious and long term project that requires taking the time to have dialogue with all parties and have a reflection,
He added: “By transferring the project to the Port, the Collectivité still makes the final decisions but it will enable us to proceed quicker by using the expertise and technical skills of the Port teams to develop our specifications. And each phase will be validated by the Collectivité.”

Gibbs indicated the first achievements of Grand Marigot will emerge in the redevelopment of Fort Louis and its surroundings, beginning in October 2017.

It was also mentioned the Port would need a subvention to realise more studies. The motion was passed by the majority and from the opposition, one against and four abstentions.

Source: The Daily Herald