Beau Beau is back, 17 in NAGICO Calypso Eliminations on Monday


King Beau Beau (left) and 2017 Calypso Monarch Fish Da Mega Boss.

PHILIPSBURG–Seventeen calypso singers will face off tonight, Monday, in the NAGICO Senior Calypso Eliminations in Carnival Village.

The event will begin 8:00pm and 10 of the seventeen will advance to the NAGICO Calypso Finals on April 26. Those 10 will then try to dethrone five-time Calypso Monarch Fish Da Mega Boss.


The Calypso Competition will be organised by a new group of calypso enthusiasts. Rolando Tobias and Marvin “King Stunky” Dollison of the hit radio programme Caribbean Classics will organise the show along with calypso lovers Claudius “Toontje” Buncamper and Cheryl Arnell. The new organisers are still coordinating the event under the auspices of St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF), but will be handling all aspects of the show – preparation, execution, prizes, etc.

According to SCDF, the organisers are very excited to be involved with Carnival’s largest local event in the Village.

“Calypso is very important to us and we are very happy that calypso lovers will be organising it this year. We always try to involve as many Carnival stakeholders as possible in all aspects of Carnival. Tobias, Stunky (a former Calypso Monarch), Toontje and Cheryl are all Carnival lovers and in particular calypso. They promote the event individually and support it every year. So, the event is in good hands,” SCDF said.

The 17 singers slated to compete are, in order of appearance (subject to change):

Ebony Empress singing the song “We are the survivors,” Tea Pot performing “Where do we go from here,” Mighty Dow – “I want to know,” Mighty Chipman – “Baseball Calypso,” The Protégé – “Countdown,” The Wizard – “Ah Vex,” Kaiso Brat – “Drones,” King Barrow – “We Must Believe,” Pensioner – “Yes,” Mighty Dando – “They don’t know how to run a country,” King Beau Beau – “Jam Dem, ” Genius – “Back to the polls,” D-Monitor – “St. Maarten name calling,” Baker Jr. – “Shame,” X-Rey – “Don’t come back here,” Repeater – “SXM will rise again” and Mighty Pepper – “Hippopotamus.”

The entrance price for the show is US $10.

Source: The Daily Herald