Beaupère, Fleming candidates for French legislative elections

MARIGOT–Anne-Karine Fleming confirmed Monday she will be the Deputy (suppléante) to candidate Christophe Beaupère in the 2017 Legislative Elections to be held June 10 and June 17, 2017, to represent St. Martin and St. Barths in the National Assembly in Paris. The pair will be running under the campaign banner “Ensemble 2017 pour St. Martin et St. Barths.”

Daniel Gibbs is currently the Member of Parliament (MP) for St. Martin and St. Barths.

“We know each other for years since he was President of the St. Barths Federation for the former Union pour le Movement Populaire (UMP),” Fleming told The Daily Herald about Christophe Beaupère. “He is someone with considerable experience who gets things done.”

In a letter to the citizens of St. Martin, Fleming outlined her own political experience, motivation and reasons for deciding to support Christophe Beaupère.

“I was born in St. Maarten, with French nationality, descendant of several local leaders on both my father and grand-mother’s side,” she wrote. “I have, myself, been very active on the local political scene for quite some time now, involved in my father, Louis-Constant Fleming’s campaigns since before 2001 and as a founding member of the UMP Saint-Martin’s Federation now Les Républicainspresided by Daniel Gibbs where I hold the position of Treasurer.

“I have also been an active volunteer in our island social scene, both French and Dutch, as Vice-President of Island Gems Charity Foundationfor several years now. Now I feel the time has come to take a more active role in our local political scene by contributing in the representation of our island, St. Martin, at the National Assembly by the side of Christophe Beaupère who has over 21 years of professional experience in our islands and country politics and administration.

“He has held several positions in the Public Departments in St. Barths, Paris and Brussels. In St. Barths he was Bruno Magras’s Chief of Staff for six years from 2007 to 2013. He also worked as Project Manager for the LVMH Group’s General Secretariat in St. Barths from 2013 to 2014, and has been involved for ten years in the institutional, economic and social life of St. Barths.
“His mandate as Representative of the Federation of Saint-Barthélemyin the National Council of Les Républicains, for which he was re-elected in January 2016, by members of St. Barths with 74 per cent of the votes, allows him today to continue to be involved in the local life in the service of the first political force of St. Barths. This involvement was emphasised last year by the support he received from a large majority of associations and organisations representing the socio-professionals and the living forces of the island, including the Chambre Economique Multi-professionnelle (CEM).
“His twenty-one years of experience of which eighteen were in the Territorial Civil Service and the State Public Service as a parliamentary assistant, territorial cabinet director and mission officer in the embassy, with three years in the private sector as a legal affairs officer, has enabled him to master the control of legislative files and the ability to defend the interests of our islands at the highest political and administrative bodies in Paris and Brussels.
“With Bruno Magras, Christophe Beaupère has learned to deal with files and projects with a strategic vision, long term and knows how to defend the interest of the island on a State level.
“On December 2, 2016, Christophe Beaupère and myself, will be delighted to explain to the population of St. Martin, through a press conference, our ideas and plan for the future of our islands in collaboration with our respective Presidents who will be elected in March 2017.
“St. Martin has many assets, particularly in the tourism field, as well as a strong potential for economic and social development, and I know I can count on Christophe Beaupère, whose qualities will help me defend the interests of St. Martin by my side in parliament, and at the local level and in particular within the framework of the parliamentary permanence that I will be responsible for as Deputy Parliamentarian.
“Therefore, I wish to serve St. Martin and St. Barths by representing our two islands in the National Assembly, with a strong partnership with the local institutions, as well as with the new Government. The result of the legislative elections will certainly mark a sharp turn in government, in the service of which I am determined to fight in the interests of our country, our island St. Martin. This is how I foresee my role as Deputy Parliamentarian, if you do support my candidacy.”

Source: The Daily Herald