Behind the Beyond Theatre seeks actors, assistants and volunteers | THE DAILY HERALD

Behind the Beyond Community Theatre starts its 2019/2020 theatrical season on Saturday, August 31.

SOUTH REWARD–The Behind the Beyond Community Theatre is on a talent search for the start of its new 2019-2020 theatrical season and wants to hear from seasoned, novice and beginner actors interested in taking part in a brand-new production by director Albina Matuzko.

The production is a non-musical comedy with heaps of freak characters and “guaranteed fun” during the period of rehearsal and later in front of a live audience.

Matuzko says anyone with experience on stage at any time in their lives is more than welcome to come to rehearsals and to meet cast members, but she is also keen to find some new talent which she said she knows is out there.

“You don’t need to have stage experience, as our acting technique is pure magic. If you’re the shyest person in the world, then Behind the Beyond season 2019-2020 is exactly the place for you to be,” says the director.

To make it even easier, there will be no auditions. Prospective actors can just come to the first meeting of the Behind the Beyond Community Theatre at St. Dominic School in South Reward, on Saturday, August 31.

Pre-production training in comedic-acting skills, based on the production play, will take place on Saturdays from 10:00am until12:30pm until December 14. The training is mandatory for all cast members.

From January 2020, actors need to be committed to two rehearsals a week, on Saturday and on one evening during the week.

A membership fee for the entire production year includes training, space rent and production cost. High school students of 15 years and older pay a special price. Matuzko said sponsorship and discounts are discussible in exchange for some extra production tasks. Send an email to or a WhatsApp message to tel. 522-6883 for information.

Source: The Daily Herald