Berkel’s term as Statia Governor ends April 1

~ Woodley Acting Governor ~

ST. EUSTATIUS–Gerald Berkel’s first term of as Island Governor of St. Eustatius comes to an end on Friday, April 1. Berkel will not fulfil a second term in this position, which means that now a vacancy exists for the function. In the meantime, Julian Woodley has been appointed Acting Island Governor.

The WOLBES laws governing Bonaire, Statia and Saba outline the legal requirements as to what procedure the Government Representative has to follow to provide a successor.

The Dutch Government said it was “very grateful” for Island Governor Berkel’s efforts in the last six years during which he had led various Executive Councils of different political compositions. He also was thanked for the way in which he “has always put the interests of the inhabitants of the island first as a guideline for the local government.”

Dutch Government Representative Isabella said Berkel “given the new constitutional relationships since 10-10-10, has made a valuable contribution to the further developments on the island, often under difficult administrative relationships. The efforts of Island Governor Berkel with the Plan of Action to get the administrative organisation on the island deserve respect.”

Isabella wished Berkel and his family “a bright future and good luck in the further developments in his career.”

It is not yet known how the Public Entity of Statia is to bid farewell to Island Governor Berkel. Further notice will follow, Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN stated.

Based on Article 90 of the WOLBES, Isabella has appointed Julian Woodley as Acting Island Governor of Statia.

As of April 1, there will be a vacancy for the position of Island Governor. The new Acting Island Governor will assume all tasks and responsibilities as Island Governor as of April 1. The procedure for appointing a new Island Governor has started already.

As Statia is undergoing an important period in its development, Isabella has requested that Woodley especially focus his attention on continuity in the administrative decision-making processes, the progress of the implementation of the Plan of Action and the Multi-Annual Programme. Isabella said he was counting on good cooperation in the interest of Statia.

Woodley has a long administrative and political career behind him and has extensive experience in these areas. He has been head of Statia’s Finance Department for more than 15 years. In the last 25 years, Woodley has held many important positions, such as Member of the Island Council, Commissioner, and Member of the Parliament of the former Netherlands Antilles.

Woodley has been Acting Government Representative during the last few years. He will be relieved of that position as of April 1.

Source: The Daily Herald Berkel’s term as Statia Governor ends April 1