Bethel Methodist Church honours victims of cancer

Members of Golden Rock Cancer Awareness Foundation and Bethel Methodist Choir with Reverend Vincia Celestine (left) and Cancer Foundation President Geraldine Hodge behind the lecterns.

ST. EUSTATIUS–With members of the Golden Rock Cancer Awareness Foundation in attendance, Bethel Methodist Church held a special service in recognition of World Cancer Day.

Assisted by Jeannette Davis, Reverend Vincia Celestine conducted the service, during which Golden Rock Foundation President Geraldine Hodge addressed the gathering.

She started off by saying that one day she hopes they find a cure for cancer, but up until now, there is no confirmed cure.

Hodge said she considers cancer a bridge. “Some will cross, and have crossed that bridge before very successfully. Others struggle, but have passed and will pass that bridge and there are still others. No matter how hard they try and struggle, that will not make it across this bridge.”

She said the Foundation cares and stands in support of them. That is why they named their foundation and awareness foundation, because they want everyone to be aware of their bodies.

She encouraged everyone to pay attention to their body, and how it works and especially how their body is feeling.

“Don’t keep any misgivings about your body to yourself. The worst injustice a person can do to their body when they are sick, is to keep things to themselves. Regardless of age, young or old, if anyone is feeling sick or feeling some changes with their bodies that they do not like, say something to someone and go to the doctor.”

Hodge said cancer used to be a distant name, but has become a household word in St. Eustatius these days. “Cancer rips our loved ones away from us. We do not want that, we want to stand up to cancer and say: ‘Yes, we can, I can.’ Together, let us continue to support each other and our loved ones,” she stated.

Source: The Daily Herald