Beverly Richardson writes history of the Gibbs family

Beverly Richardson.

Cover of “The History of the Gibbs Family on the Island of Saint-Martin.”

MARIGOT–Anthropologist, historian and scientist Beverly Richardson has published a new book titled The History of the Gibbs Family on the Island of Saint-Martin. The author says the book is dedicated to her mother, grandmother and all her Gibbs ancestors.

The book is also written for all the Gibbses in French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten and “all around the world.” Special dedications go to President of the Collectivité de St. Martin Daniel Gibbs and to the late “great estate owner” Emilio Wilson.

Richardson started researching, studying, analysing and writing the socio-political history of the Caribbean and black peoples’ cultures in 1990. Since then, she wrote books about the culture of black people, as well as books about life, love and death.

In her latest publication, which counts 286 pages, Richardson presents a historical and anthropological study of the Gibbs family from the days her ancestors first set foot on the island as the descendants of Jews.

Written in French and English, the book points to the fact that one cannot build a good nation without respecting, helping, encouraging and protecting families.

“Traditional families over the years have been the cradle of knowledge, civic instruction and social morals. Here on our little island we should no longer make the mistake of not taking good care of our elderly folks. We should no longer make the mistake of ‘burying’ them too soon to get house and/or money,” the author said.

Richardson is a 1996 graduate of the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences EHESS in Paris, France. She holds a doctorate in cultural anthropology.

Copies of The History of the Gibbs Family are available from the author. She may be reached at tel. 0690-12-61-96.

Source: The Daily Herald