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The SMPYA International primary Interscholastic Idols 2019 winner from St. Eustatius Mia Henna Courtar flanked by President of Parliament and Minister of Education Culture Youth and Sport on Saturday evening.

COLE BAY–The Saint Martin Promoting Young Ambassadors (SMPYA) Foundation hosted its fourth annual International Interscholastic Idols competition over the weekend; there were no seats at Port De Plaisance White Tent as this international show was said to be the largest show for the international idols to date. A Large crowd came out on Saturday in support of the talented singers.

The competition was opened by Education, Culture Youth and Sport Minister Wycliff Smith comprised of two categories, International Primary competition and a Secondary section. On Saturday evening, five islands vied for the title of SMPYA International Interscholastic Idol 2019 in the International Primary Schools solo competition. These participants gave the judges quite a difficult task as they were extremely talented and sang to the best of their ability.

St. Eustatius maintained the title in this category as the very confidant and beautiful Mia-Jenna Courtar won first place with 579 points, with her exceptional performance of The Greatest Showman’s “Never Enough.” First runner up with 526 points was awarded to the very eloquent and determined Anguilla participant, Ethan Connor as he brought the crowd to their feet with his rendition of “If it’s not for you.”

Second runner up was St. Maarten’s very own Makhali Richardson with 443 points as he made St. Maarten proud with his beautiful rendition of “Rise up.”

In the International Secondary Schools solo competition, Anguilla also maintained the title of International Secondary Interscholastic Idol as Ms. Caleda Hull from Anguilla became the 2019 winner with 548 points as she wowed the crowd with a very unique rendition of “Over the rainbow.”

Statia’s Sergina Bryson was 1st runner up with 470 points, as she also sang the greatest showman’s “Never Enough” with such ease and poise. In this category St. Maarten also placed second runner up as Dayshaun Gordon gained 468 points as he performed the song “You made a way.” Dayshaun made quite an impression as he started to sing while also playing the keyboard and was accompanied by a band and backup singers which made his performance even more splendid.

President of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams closed the competition with a speech where she applauded all of the talented youngsters who performed at the annual international interscholastic idols competition. She also applauded president of the organizing foundation Angelique Romou for continuing with her commitment to this endeavour and for sticking with- and by the youth to ensure that their talent is seen and heard.

President of the SMPYA Foundation Angelique Romou said that she was extremely grateful for the enormous support the community of St. Maarten showed for the talented youth of the Caribbean. She also thanked all of the participants and the guest artists who gave tremendous performances. Especially the primary International 2017 winner from Statia Ishn Courtar who got consistent standing ovations for his rendition as he also got the audience to sing along with him.

The secondary 2017 winner Rushanna Welcome also made quite an impression and not forgetting the 2019 St. Maarten cycle 1 winner Brook-lyn Bell and the Seventh day Adventist Choir who also gave stupendous renditions. Romou also applauded the Ihndisu Dance school, Junior Elite dance Company for an awesome performance of an African dance mix, as it was the first time the show had entertainment other than singing. Romou also thanked all the sponsors and the SXM Young Ambassadors group who contributed in one way or the other to this international, interscholastic idols competition.

Romou indicated that 2020 promises to be a huge year for the SMPYA Foundation as it celebrates its fifth-year anniversary for the international idols and indicated that the number of participating islands should double and that the show will be bigger and better than this year.

Source: The Daily Herald