Big turnout for Cyclone Club’s 2 Fast 2 Furious

PHILIPSBURG—Some 91 cyclists in all age categories from Dutch and French took part in “2 Fast 2 Furious” cycle race presented by the Cyclone Club on Sunday.

  The event offered an early morning time trial starting at K-Cees Snack on the W.E.G. Buncamper Road for riders in teams of two followed by an afternoon Criterium on the Soualiga Boulevard. The time trial distance was 10K for adults and 6K for kids.
  The Criterium consisted of a 3K loop. Juniors and seniors did 15 laps (45K), Masters A and females 10 laps (30K), and Masters B and Beginners eight laps (24K).
  A youth challenge saw six different age categories taking part; cadets, minimes, benjamins, pupilles, poussins, and pre-licensed, riding laps equivalent to 3K up to 15K.
  Edward Benitez (VCG) was the overall winner in Seniors, Hasani Hennis (Double Trouble) was second and Justin Hodge (Anguilla) third.
  Juniors was won by Heukwami Huges (Double Trouble), Wilfred Chittick (Cyclone) second and Jamari Bryan (Double Trouble) third.
  Females was won by Annelies Starreveld (Cyclone), Muriel Lancien-Paul ASM) was second and Roma Denani (independent) third.
  The Masters A (41-50years) was won by Timothy Richardson (Double Trouble), Papi Richardson (Mo Trouble) second, and Arnaud Gosse (VCG) third.
  Masters B (51 and over) was won by Joseph Knight (Cyclone), Vincent Martin (independent) second, and Walton Skeete (Mo Trouble) third.
  The Benjamin category (11 to 12 years) was won by Adjouki Romney (Cyclone). Jahkim Carty (ASM) won the Pupilles category (9-10 years), Kendjy Gervais (ASM) won the Poussins (7-8 years), and Nicolas Carbon (Anguilla) won Minimes (10 to 14 years.
  Time trial winners were Annelies Starreveld and Muriel Lancien-Paul in females, Eliano Lake and Mike Basile in Cadets, Louis Lake and Timothy Richardson in Masters, Wilfrid Chittick and Xavi Brookes in Juniors, and Joost Huele and Hasani Hennis in Seniors.
  Medals, trophies and cash prize were sponsored by Ras Links Powersports N.V. and K-Cees Snack Bar.

Source: Daily Herald
Big turnout for Cyclone Club’s 2 Fast 2 Furious