Biker knocks down officer


PHILIPSBURG–While conducting a routine traffic control on Tuesday, police officers noticed a motorcycle approaching their control checkpoint. One officer decided to stop the rider to control his bike for documentation.

After the rider was signalled to stop, he refused to do so and instead increased the speed of his motorcycle in an attempt to bypass the officers. According to acting police spokesman Inspector Rehensley Henson, one of the officers was unable get out of the way in time and was struck down by the motorcycle.
“At this point the rider also lost his balance while riding, causing him to lose control and fall. After this happened the rider attempted to flee the scene on foot. A second officer quickly gave chase and managed to tackle the suspect. The suspect resisted heavily, but was quickly overpowered by a second patrol that arrived on the scene shortly after.
“The injured officer was transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for injuries to his face, which required several stitches but was released shortly after. The investigation is ongoing,” Henson said.

Source: The Daily Herald