Blacksmith shop gets floor during Statia DOET 2018


Cementing the floor of St. Eustatius Historical Foundation’s blacksmith shop.

ST. EUSTATIUS–This year, St. Eustatius Historical Foundation submitted two projects for Statia DOET. One was the cementing of the floor of the reconstructed blacksmith shop on the museum grounds and the other was the clearing of the area where the reconstructed slave hut stood before.

Museum staff approached John Dembrook of JD’s Construction about the pouring of the floor and Dembrook immediately volunteered to assist in this necessary project.

In the days leading up to Statia DOET, Simon Doncker Club youth group helped to clear the blacksmith shop in preparation for the JD’s Construction team to construct the decking of the floor with lumber.

Mr. Clarke of Trico Supplies was also contacted to assist with the pouring. JD’s Construction, together with the pump truck of Trico Supplies, delivered as promised.

Dembrook said he was very proud of the final accomplishment of both his team and Trico Supplies, “as it feels good” giving back to Statia’s Historical Museum.

He stated that the Museum plays a “remarkable” role in the Statian community and the tourism industry, and “it deserves the best.”

He said he was also happy to see the youngsters equally contributing their part in doing good for the Museum.

St. Eustatius Historical Foundation and Museum staff stated they are very grateful to JD’s Construction, Trico Supplies and Statia DOET for their assistance in making the pouring of the Black Smith’s Shop floor a reality. This will help to enhance the Museum with much- needed extra exhibition space.

Source: The Daily Herald