Boasman, Anguilla Govt. meet about transit travel

POND ISLAND–Justice Minister Rafael “Raffie” Boasman met with representatives of the Anguilla Government on Wednesday to discuss a plan for smooth in-transit travel of Anguilla residents who hail from countries that require a visa to enter St. Maarten.

Boasman announced in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing that he was meeting with the officials of the neighbouring island “to iron out” issues related to persons who need to access Princess Juliana International Airport from Anguilla, but need a visa to be admitted to St. Maarten.

Of specific concern, he said, is the regulation of in-transit stays that are lengthier than the usual stay to connect with flights.

Legal residents of Anguilla, who are nationals of countries on the St. Maarten visa list, can access the country to catch flights, but issues arrive when their stays are longer, said Boasman.

Source: The Daily Herald