Boasman blasts Sky Beach for undocumented workers

PHILIPSBURG–Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman has taken a new approach when it comes to businesses who do not comply with properly documenting their workers. He will be calling the names of the businesses publicly during the live Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesdays because these businesses should be ashamed for showing such poor judgment.

Boasman said, on Wednesday, that six employees were held for working without the proper papers at Sky Beach located in the Maho Village during a raid by police on Friday last week. “It is a total shame that employers would hire people and deny them healthcare while withholding taxes from government. My intention is to let the people know who these businesses are because they all have to contribute towards the growth of the economy,” said the minister.

The Minister assured members of the press that these immigration controls will continue and he will publicly announce delinquent businesses that have been hiring undocumented workers and robbing them of their rights. “I intend to hold these businesses accountable and also let the people know which businesses are found to have undocumented workers.”

The Sky Beach Rooftop Bar and Lounge is known for having parties daily with an upscale client tell. Businesses are reminded to have all necessary documents on hand. This will allow the processing of verifying the documents in a timely manner.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Problem is in st maarten there is no labor pool , we have many business that require a particular skill set that we simply do not have enough hands for. Boasman can start by opening a hotel management or some kind of trade school to train people on simple jobs such as being a waiter, barman , trained chef or cook as there are many jobs available but nobody to fill them. How will the govt get taxes if there is nobody to work?