Boasman: Think of those spending holidays alone

POND ISLAND–Caretaker Prime Minister Rafael Boasman calls on residents this Christmas season “to bear in mind that many, young and old, will be celebrating this Christmas alone, some mourning the loss of a loved one or simply in a mood of despair.”
“I call on you to put all (political) ill feelings aside and reach out. Reach out to a neighbour, a friend, a loved one or even a stranger, embrace them and let them know that there is a promise and together we will embrace and materialise that promise,” Boasman said in his Christmas message issued on Friday.

“By standing hand-in-hand, St. Maarten will bounce back, stronger and better than before,” he said, adding that this address was “most likely for the last time” he would speak in the capacity of Prime Minister, considering the ongoing Government formation.
“While we prepare to celebrate this Christmas season with family, loved ones and friends, we cannot help but to do so with an underlying sentiment of uncertainty and awe in our heart. … 2017 will be a year that will live on, for decades, in the minds of all who experienced the passing of Hurricane Irma,” Boasman said.
Irma brought with her “major devastation to not only our economy but to each and every one in its path.” With those sentiments, he urged residents “to take a minute and give praise and thanks for life, for where there is life, there is hope and the will power to strive onward.”
“The Christmas season as we know it, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, is about a promise. A promise of hope, love and better times to come for all of mankind. It is with that promise in mind that each and every one of us must keep hope alive, share our love and strive forward in unity, to prepare a better place for us all,” Boasman said.
“It is my strong belief in this promise, that I take this opportunity to bid you all best wishes for a blessed Christmas season and a joyous, safe, healthy and prosperous 2018.”

Source: The Daily Herald