Bob Sinclar invades Tantra for first time

PHILIPSBURG–European superstar disc jockey (DJ) Bob Sinclar will be on the island this weekend to perform for the first time in Tantra Nightclub on Friday, January 6. The last time Sinclar was on the island was seven years ago.

Sinclar, the man behind such productions as the Mighty Bop (down-tempo hip-hop), Bob Sinclar (house), and Réminiscence Quartet (acid jazz) is Chris the French Kiss (known as Christophe le Friant), a Parisian DJ and head of the French label Yellow Productions as well as a producer.

He began disc jockeying in 1987 while still a teenager and formed Yellow Productions with Alain Ho in 1993. Several of Yellow’s first releases were by Le Friant: the Mighty Bop’s “Messe Pour le Temps Present,” Réminiscence Quartet’s “Roda Mundo” and his first long-playing (LP) record, the French hip-hop summit “The Mighty Bop Meet DJ Cam et la Funk Mob.” Alongside releases from a parade of excellent French sources, including DJ companions Dimitri from Paris and Kid Loco, Yellow also hosted two more Mighty Bop LPs during 1996-1997, “La Vague Sensorielles” and “Autres Voix, Autres Blues.”

Eager to inject some fun into the burgeoning French house underground, Le Friant borrowed the name Bob Sinclar from a character in the well-known French film “Le Magnifique” and produced his first Sinclar album, “A Space Funk Project,” in 1997. Soon enough he had an entire Bob Sinclar album ready to go, and “Paradise” appeared on Yellow just in time for summer 1998.

One of the album’s tracks, “Gym Tonic,” began getting some club play in France thanks to its bouncy house vibe and incessant sing-along chorus lifted from a Jane Fonda workout record. A huge anthem during the summer season in Ibiza, “Gym Tonic” looked ready to explode on the charts until Fonda sought legal action for the illegal sample.

US $40 tickets are available at Tantra Nightclub in Maho. Space is limited and organisers are encouraging house music lovers to come early, as the doors will open at 10:00pm. Contact organisers at (590) 690 63.75.68 or 520-6623.

Source: The Daily Herald