Bomb threat at Airport, operations interrupted

AIRPORT–Roads leading to Princess Juliana International Airport SXM were closed by authorities on Saturday in connection with a bomb threat related to JetBlue flight B677 originating out of Boston. The bomb threat was received by police around 2:00pm.

Airport Marketing and Customer Service Department head Suzy Kartokromo said emergency personnel were immediately dispatched to the airport, where the local authorities who were leading the search and investigation were assisted by representatives of the airport. They waited for the plane to land at 3:07pm.page7a009

“In the interest of the safety and security of all involved, the aircraft was isolated at the Eastern part of the airport near the causeway roundabout,” Stated Kartokromo.

Passengers were taken off the aircraft and taken to a secure holding area where they were screened. No one was held for further questioning.

“On board JetBlue, searches of the aircraft were conducted by the local search team and completed in a few minutes,” stated Kartokromo. “The aircraft was released to resume travel by the authorities and activities at the airport resumed.”

Because the airport was closed for a couple of hours, several flights had to be diverted. The execution of the bomb threat protocol also meant local road traffic in the area had to be diverted.

Police are investigating the incident and hope to find the culprit responsible for making the false claim.

Source: The Daily Herald