Bonaire gets another coalition government | THE DAILY HERALD

A spontaneous street party broke out in Rincon.

PDB-leader Clark Abraham votes.

BONAIRE–Wednesday’s elections in Bonaire did not produce any major surprises, as all nine Island Council seats went to “Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano” (MPB), “Partido Demokratiko Boneriano” (PDB) and “Union Patriotiko Boneriano” (UPB) with respectively four, three and two.

This means UPB with 20.3 per cent of the valid votes lost a seat to PDB (40.4 per cent) compared to the last poll in 2015, while PDB maintained its three (24.1 per cent). The result makes every coalition between two of these three parties possible.

The turnout was relatively low at 64.14 per cent, compared to 77.85 per cent four years earlier. “Nos Ke Boneiru Bèk” and others who oppose the island’s current status as part of the Caribbean Netherlands had called for a boycott.

Of the 14,114 citizens eligible to vote for the Island Council, 9,054 did so and of the 12,649 eligible to vote for the Electoral College 7,212 (50.7 per cent). Only MPB, PDB and UPB participated in the latter election and earned respectively 45.4, 32.1 and 22.5 per cent of that vote.

In the Island Council election, the five new parties “Frente Sosial Progresivo” (FSP) with 5.4 per cent of the vote, “Era Nobo” (4.4%), “1 Union Pa Pueblo” (4.1%), “Lista Santana” (0.7%) and Lista Suzy Thodé (0.5%) all failed to garner enough support to earn a seat.

Source: The Daily Herald